POLIO is a man-made, vaccine-induced disorder.

Your child IS a vaccine experiment: 
Studies have NOT been conducted to determine the safety

(or efficacy) of administering multiple vaccine doses

in a variety of combinations as recommended by

CDC guidelines.

The Cutter disaster was completely unnecessary which is what Dr Offit will never tell you, as polio is/was a man made disease, from DDT which got into the milk supply or circulating in the air from crop spraying (as shown by researchers: Jim West, Ralph R. Scobey, M.D., and Morton S. Biskind, M.D.) and medical injections such as antibiotics and vaccines themselves. Yes, vaccines were and are a major cause of polio!

The first cases of polio in children who received the tainted vaccine were reported to regulators on April 25, 1955 - two weeks after the nation began a drive to vaccinate millions of schoolchildren. Before it was over, 164 people would suffer permanent paralysis from the Cutter vaccine or from the outbreak of polio triggered by it. Ten others died.

THE BEST WAY to unravel the Great Vaccine Mess is to set down, first, a simple chronology of events as they were seen, let's say, by an average newspaper reader or TV viewer. Then we can get on to some other things that also happened-though they were not in the papers-and to an examination of what went wrong.

Dr. John Bergman has produced an excellent video that explains, through science and a timeline, exactly what happened.

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Got Sick Kids? Top 29 Hidden Threats To a Child's/Infant's Health.

1. Antibiotics - http://bit.ly/1EwiQpP
2. Children's Tylenol - http://bit.ly/1fTANmo
3. Wheat Bread - http://bit.ly/1fTAOXv
4. Cow's Milk - http://bit.ly/1y29gSB
5. Vaccination - http://bit.ly/1Ip0aIm
6. Commercial Fruit Juice - http://bit.ly/1VuoJrZ
7. Vitamin K Shot - http://bit.ly/1L1L3BM
8. Infant Formula -http://bit.ly/1igTAtU​
9. Cell Phones/Wireless Internet - http://bit.ly/1XcDVf4
10. Commercial Vitamins - http://bit.ly/1IFvTk1
11. Microwaved Food - http://bit.ly/1oZ3YJx
12. Mercury Teeth Fillings - http://bit.ly/1PJERSA
13. Teflon/non stick pans - http://bit.ly/1Fhg4zX
14. Fluoride Tooth Paste - http://bit.ly/1UpYTD3
15. Pesticides on Non Organic Foods and The Lawn - http://bit.ly/1JwdAj0
16. C-sections - http://bit.ly/1w88Ts8
17. Ultra Sounds - http://bit.ly/1Q6TZub
18. Plastic Containers - http://bit.ly/1KEw7hl
19. GMO Foods - http://bit.ly/1L1LYSL
20. Smart Meters - http://bit.ly/1KpuS6Y
21. Soy Products - http://bit.ly/1L11Rxg
22. A Mother's Unhealthy Food and Lifestyle Choices Before and During Pregnancy - http://bit.ly/1WLjFjA
23. Chemtrails (the lines in the sky) - bit.ly/1RL6xHi24.
24. Behavior Medication - http://bit.ly/1GHpCVD
25. Circumcision - http://bit.ly/1Q6JLwE
26. Medical Kidnapping - http://bit.ly/1VKh7Fb
27. Living Near Power Lines - http://bit.ly/1SDVdm6
28. Medical System Birthing - induction medication, epidurals, medical traumas for mother and baby that lead to massive psychological problems for everyone in the family unit - http://bit.ly/2b3h6KL
29. Sugar and Junk Food - http://bit.ly/1sXZyhh

Sick kids are not a chance happening. It's an agenda. Parents need to become ferocious in the protection of their children. So many parents today open up their children to these organized attacks and are bewildered when their children become sick. It's simple cause and effect. Expose a child to a poison or poisonous environment and they get sick. Protect the child at all costs, and at all times, because the attack on the children is massive and never ending.
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